Excerpts from Chapter 7: Abundance

Excerpt 1: “Most people find it challenging to accept this principle, because based on all of the poverty and alleged shortages that exist in the world; it truly ‘appears’ that scarcity is our natural state. As everyone knows however, appearances can be very deceiving, for what lies behind all of the supposed insufficiency in the world is actually a scarcity consciousness that is both shared and promoted by a preponderance of people in the world.”

Excerpt 2: “What is really unfortunate, as this next passage from Dr. Wayne Dyer illustrates, is that people are simply unaware that at some level that they themselves are responsible for whatever lack they are experiencing in their lives:

If we dwell on scarcity, we are putting energy into what we do not have, and this continues to be our experience of life. The theme of so many people’s life story is “I simply do not have enough,” or “How can I believe in abundance when my children don’t have all the clothes that they need?” or “I would be a lot happier if I had _____.” People believe they live a life of lack because they are unlucky, instead of recognizing that their belief system is rooted in scarcity thinking.76

[76 Dr. Wayne Dyer, You’ll See It When You Believe It, (New York, NY: William Morrow and Company, 1989) p. 123]

Excerpt 3“As I evolved in my spiritual growth however, I came to a different understanding about the concepts of giving and/or tithing. I was very strongly affected by the words of Fr. Anthony DeMello, when he commented on his Wake Up to Life tape series, ‘that just about the worst kind of gift you can give is one that is given so that you don’t have a bad feeling.’

When I first heard this, it was as if a proverbial light went off in my head, simply because it made so much sense to me. How can giving be a positive experience when the underlying motivation for it is a feeling of obligation or guilt? Obviously, it cannot, yet in our world it is very common for people to give solely from that motive.”

Excerpt 4: “The adage ‘do what you love and the money will follow’ is very commonly known, but just why is this so? In response to this question, reflect upon the following passage from Arnold Patent:

When you choose to make doing what you love the core experience of your life, you move into alignment with the Universe. Immediately, the infinite supply of energy is available to you. You feel the aliveness that comes from having the unlimited energy of the Universe flow through you. This aliveness influences the energy signals you emit, and the people and circumstances that will support the continuation of your feeling of aliveness are attracted to you.82

[82 Arnold Patent, You Can Have It All, (Piermont, NY: Money Mastery Publishing, 1984) p. 49-50]

Excerpt 5“If you are still unconvinced regarding this concept of doing what you love, then take a closer look at just what you are accomplishing by spending your time doing work you dislike, just to pay the bills. By remaining in this type of situation, what you are effectively doing is focusing your powerful thought and feeling energy on something that you clearly don’t like. Since what you think about and feel expands, the ultimate result is that you will continue to attract even more of what you do not like.”

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