Do What You Love And The Money Truly WILL Follow

The importance of doing what you love, is one that is embraced by virtually all of this era’s most prominent personal and spiritual growth authors. In fact, the adage “do what you love and the money will follow” is very commonly known, but just why is this so? In response to this question consider the following passage from Arnold Patent’s book “You Can Have It All”:

“When you choose to make doing what you love the core experience of your life, you move into alignment with the Universe. Immediately, the infinite supply of energy is available to you. You feel the aliveness that comes from having the unlimited energy of the Universe flow through you. This aliveness influences the energy signals you emit, and the people and circumstances that will support the continuation of your feeling of aliveness are attracted to you.”

Stop for a moment and think about something that you really love to do. Now get in touch with the feelings that you normally experience while doing this activity. Assuming you were able to identify such a pursuit, it is likely that you would typically experience at least three distinct feelings — a feeling of joy or bliss, a feeling of being in the flow, (a.k.a. effortless accomplishment), and a feeling of time literally standing still as you instinctively stay focused in the present moment. As the preceding passage from Mr. Patent infers, these feelings arise because you are effectively tapping into the energy of your Higher Self, or to put it another way, you are allowing the limitless ‘I’ within you to express itself instead of your fearful, self-conscious ‘me.’

These times are very magical, because they give you an opportunity to step outside of your active conscious mind and truly become a channel for the Divine. It really is an exhilarating feeling, because you are not really thinking about what you’re doing, but rather you are feeling it. In my case, I always experience such sensations whenever I am presented with the chance to deliver a presentation to a live audience. There is nothing else in the world that I love doing more. It really is an amazing experience, as the words flow from me without any overt conscious effort on my part. By the time it’s all over, I am actually hard pressed to explain the origin of the information that I shared.

The reality is that you, as well as every other person in the world, have unique, innate skills that crave to be expressed. While you may doubt this to be true, remember that the God-Force literally threw away the blueprint when you were created, so there is no one in this entire world who can express themselves in exactly the same way. Others might argue that there was no way that anyone would pay them for doing what they love, or that there aren’t enough opportunities available in their area of interest. In response to that, consider this next quotation from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book “You’ll See It When You Believe It”:

“There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love, there is only scarcity of resolve to make it happen. Whatever you love doing more than anything else has built within it an opportunity to make a living at it, even though you may not believe it. Your fears of doing what you truly love are based on a belief that you are going to go broke and be unable to pay your bills and meet your family responsibilities. Not so! – If you have always paid your bills, why would you suddenly become the kind of person who does not?”

As mentioned earlier, once you do make the decision to do what you love to do, you move into right alignment with the Universe. This in turn, opens the door for all kinds of new energies and opportunities to migrate towards you. The reason is simple, as you do what you love, you emit a positive energy that will attract the necessary people and circumstances to assist you on your path. As for concerns about meeting your financial obligations, Dyer is right. If you have always been a responsible person, why all of a sudden would you become irresponsible? I have certainly found this to be true. Once I made the commitment to doing the work I love (i.e., inspirational writing and speaking), seemingly out of nowhere people began to show up to help me, and opportunities to earn money arrived unexpectedly as well.

If you are still unconvinced regarding this concept of doing what you love, then take a closer look at just what you are accomplishing by spending your time doing work you dislike, just to pay the bills. By remaining in this type of situation, what you are effectively doing is focusing your powerful thought and feeling energy on something that you clearly don’t like, and the ultimate result will be your attraction of more of the same. On the contrary, if you use that energy to vividly picture yourself spending time doing what you really love – and remain focused on that picture – you very well might find yourself doing it one day.

If you are a person that simply cannot envision yourself feeling comfortable about leaving a so-called secure position to do what you love, then it is truly critical for you to develop a different attitude regarding your existing employment. For example, consider using the following affirmation each day prior to heading off to work: “I do what I love, and I love what I do.”

When I initially heard this recommendation during a live presentation given by Dr. Wayne Dyer, it sounded a bit too simplistic to me. But, based on my own experience in applying it over time, I can genuinely say that when it is used with an open mind, it can really help to improve the circumstances of one’s existing employment.

In my case, I used that affirmation to reframe my work as a freelance technical writer, by recognizing that this work not only provided me with the opportunity to earn a reasonable income, but also gave me a forum to practice being ‘inspirational’ (when appropriate) to any individual whose path I came across. In a sense, what I set my intent to do was to put as much love into my work as possible, and to address each project with an attitude of service, as well as true compassion for the person or company for whom I was writing. Additionally, I made a point to always express gratitude for whatever work ‘showed up,’ for that assignment was a blessing that assisted me in meeting my financial obligations.

Interestingly, soon after I put this approach into practice two things occurred. First, my business began to grow, and second, the work itself became somewhat more enjoyable for me. Now, if you apply a similar approach to your current work, there is no guarantee that you will experience the same results, but I am confident that you will, at a minimum, notice an improvement in your work environment, simply because you’ve chosen to bring a more positive energy to the situation. From there, who knows what could happen? You just may wind up attracting someone into your life who can assist you in moving into more satisfying work.

The preceding article is an adapted excerpt from Spirituality Simplified, Copyright 2002 & 2014, by Jeff Maziarek.)

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