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Spirituality Simplified

An Ideal Starting Point for those New to the Spiritual Path
A Handy Reference Guide for Experienced Seekers


Spirituality Simplified is an easy-to-understand overview of basic spiritual principles, supported by passages from the works of many respected spiritual teachers. With insightful content drawn from nearly 40 books covering a variety of topics, Spirituality Simplified provides you with the necessary foundation to make enlightened choices about your own personal spiritual direction. This valuable book not only gives you a solid introduction to the concept of spirituality, it also serves as a virtual roadmap to other published works that can provide greater detail on the subjects you find most interesting.  

Although designed primarily for mainstream readers interested in pursuing a path of spiritual growth, seasoned veterans on this path will find Spirituality Simplified to be a valuable, centralized resource for the wealth of information related to spirituality.

"Instructions we all should be given from birth."
Nancy Fleming-Walsch, President & Co-founder
Conversations with God Foundation.